13 maart: Education as a Form of Life

De Studievereniging STUFF van de Faculteit Filosofie te Groningen organiseert in hun lustrumjaar een Symposium over Upbringing and Education.

Zij hebben mij voor een lezing uitgenodigd en ik heb ze onderstaande abstract gestuurd. Engels is de voertal, dus ik zal voor het eerst in het Engels gaan praten over thema’s uit mijn Gevormd of vervormd? Een pleidooi voor ander onderwijs.

In this talk I shall argue against a couple of very basic assumptions about the nature and the place of education in our contemporary society. The first of these assumptions is the idea that education should dominate the lives of young people because they need to learn how to live a mature human life. The second assumption is that there is a natural division of labour in education: pupils learn and teachers teach. The third is that you can determine the quality of education by means of the results it yields. All these assumptions are false, I shall argue. They have deceived us into creating an educational system that distorts the interaction between the generations.